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10 Quick Money Making Trends

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Freelance Through Fiverr

Fiverr is a recent platform that allows you to work from home as a freelancer. It accommodates a huge variety of professions, whether that be writing, making music, designing, or any other of the big 100 job categories. There is something for everyone.

The best thing about this website is that you can pick and choose exactly what you want to work on and when you want to work. When it comes to how much you’ll get paid, the clue is in the name. However, this is only the minimum you can expect receive. Ultimately, you decide exactly how much you want to receive for your services. As your reputation and portfolio builds, the money could start flooding in.

Turn Doodles into Tenners

Are you arty? Do you have a good eye for design? If so, you could turn your hobby into a great money-making venture. All you need to do is set up an account on Etsy, a great platform for selling handcrafted items, from upcycled clothing to handmade jewellery.

The platform has over 28 million active buyers, so you’ll have a huge customer base to start with. The only downside is that the amount you sell, and how much you sell for, is totally reliant on the interest of others, so there is no guaranteed salary with this one. That said, you won’t make any profit at all if you don’t give it a go!

Puppy-sitting That Pays

As a nation of dog lovers, why not make money by walking a local pooch?

If you’ve a soft spot for canines, and you know a few people in your area who have a dog or two, you can easily offer up a dog walking service. Many owners will actually be grateful for a day off now and again, and many are happy to pay for someone to walk their dogs (particularly in the colder months). If this is something that interests you, you can easily sign up to a platform known as Tailster which allows you to advertise and connect with local owners searching for dedicated dog walkers.

Tutor Your Way to A Small Fortune

This money-making idea is a highly popular option, as there is no shortage of school age children that need a little extra help with certain subjects. You don’t need a PhD in mathematics to offer support to primary-school children who need help with their times tables. Nor do you need to have written a book to help someone with their spelling. Providing that you have patience and a good understanding of basic maths and English, tutoring is definitely an option to consider if you’re after earning a little extra cash.

It pays well too; you can expect to earn £20 and upwards per hour. Further still, you don’t even have to leave your home to do this. There are many tutoring sites which now allow you to teach pupils online via video call.

Cash-in on a Spring Clean

Consider clearing out your cupboards and selling unwanted goods. Everyone has something lurking in their wardrobe that they never wear and could instead sell. The most obvious and well-known site to sell unwanted items if of course, Ebay, however there are now many more sites that could make you more money.

Preloved, Depop, Schpock and Gumtree are just a few of the newer platforms that allow you to list and sell items. If you don’t want to sell online, you can always go to local car boot sales and pawn shops for some quick, sporadic selling, nevertheless you will be a lot more likely to shift a larger number of items if your customer base is online.

Complete Surveys in Your Spare Time

A 5-minute job that pays you? Now that is easy money! Share your opinions for new websites, brands, events, ideas etc., and companies will pay you for your input. Have a look at the Best Survey Sites as a quick guide to the best paying surveys.

You can, without a doubt fit this into you daily routine – when you wake up, on your commute to work, during your lunch and in the evenings. It is not at all time consuming and it is a money-making trend that many people are now using to make some extra pennies.

Get Paid For Research

Companies heavily rely on the feedback of customers, and many are willing to pay you for your opinion. Take Part In Research is a great platform which allows you to search and apply for all the paid marketing research opportunities within your local area.

Whether you participate in a focus group, or you simply review products online there are an abundance of projects to choose from. Better still, there is no limit as to how many research projects you apply for.

Transform Baking into a Bigger Bank Balance

Now this one requires a bit more time and effort, but it is a very fashionable trend for making a bit of money on the side, particularly if you enter the growing vegan and gluten-free markets. Everyone loves home-baked goods and if you know the right people to sell to, you will have no problem finding business in this area. A lot of people will happily commission some tasty treats for tea parties, fairs, school events, and many more occasions.

If you do enjoy baking or have some favourite recipes that you can easily do in your spare time, visit MoneyMagpie for great tips on getting started. Again, it is an extremely flexible money-making idea which you can manage as and when you have the time.

Build A Blogging Empire

Blogging is a hobby which many people can now use to make money. It’s fairly easy to get started, but in order to make money it will take time and persistence. You are unlikely to get paid straight away as it will take time to build up a reputation online; you need to ensure that you post to your blog frequently and that you market your work to as wide a demographic as possible.

It can take months (sometimes even years) to make decent money from blogging, so you’ll need an initial passion for writing to keep going. That being said, there are so many extremely successful bloggers out there, proving every day that it’s more than possible to turn a hobby into big money. Many even have their own books, merchandise and beauty brands out now. Here are some tips on how to start a blog, which should prove helpful to any beginner bloggers.

Don’t Spend, Invest

You may be sceptical about this one as it will mean having to temporarily lose money, in order to gain some in the future. However, if you can familiarise yourself with any current trends in the market, you may be able to identify patterns for financial gain. Even if you only invest a small amount of money, with the right deal, you could garner large profits.

That being said, this definitely isn’t for everyone. You will need to do your research, and ensure that any investments you make are well-informed, so don’t be hasty with this one. Trading Academy offers some good tips for beginners on how to invest your money for profit.

Charlotte Ross

Charlotte Ross

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