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Wouldn’t we all gladly take whatever help we can get from experts, especially when it comes to things like finance? How many of us are truly confident in their personal finance management? Fortunately, help is not that hard to find, and there are finance experts who’ve made a career online and who are accessible for your financial hardships, questions, or concerns. If you want to be kept in the loop regarding the latest tips in personal finance, here are the top 7 finance experts you should follow on Twitter for quick and easy info!

1. Money Magpie

The great thing about Money Magpie (@MoneyMagpie) is that there’s a very comprehensive and detailed website to read. Three categories you’ll enjoy are Make Money, Save Money, and Manage Money, but there are also others to browse and read through to gain some insight into financial matters. Personal finance is a complex issue that requires a lot of knowledge and experience and you can use an expert’s help. Their Twitter is very active and you can benefit from a lot of tips and tricks that might catch your attention.

2. Money Advice Service

The good old Money Advice Service (@YourMoneyAdvice) is an excellent resource for just about anything you want to know about financial matters. Whether you’re dealing with debt, loans, renting, or even buying a house, you’re going to need to know what’s what. Well, the Money Advice Service provides you with the valuable details you need, free of charge. In addition, The Money Advice Service is not a private company, so you can rest assured that all the information contained here is objective and impartial, and they’re not trying to sell you any products or services.

3. Money.co.uk

Money.co.uk (@moneycouk) is great especially because you’ve got a very helpful feature that shows you the top 10 options for loans, for example, and allows you to compare and contrast in order to identify the best option for your specific needs. They also feature more general topics, including debt, savings, credit cards, travel, etc. but it’s particularly good for specific needs like that. There’s nothing easier than just keeping up with their Twitter to see what they’ve been putting out lately.

4. My Fab Finance

My Fab Finance (@MyFabFinance) is all about the everyday questions and challenges. How do you save on childcare? How do you save money effectively? Can you offer inexpensive, but thoughtful gifts? There are a million different questions you will need answers to, and this site answers a lot of them. All these tips will be available for you on Twitter, so if you want something quick and useful, you can always just check out their feed and see what they came up with.

5. You Could Save

This one needs to explanation, because the name is self-explanatory: You Could Save (@YouCouldSave) is a website that focuses on tips, tricks, and general information on how to save money. If this is where your interests lie and you are looking to make more of an effort to make a little nest egg for rainy days or just save up for a big purchase you’re planning on making in the future, this might be your ideal account to follow.

6. Free From Broke

The creator of Free From Broke (@freefrombroke) used to be into a massive amount of debt, like a lot of other regular people, and living paycheck to paycheck. He was able to change the way he managed his personal finances and now he helps other people make the same changes he did. If you’re constantly broke and are eager to escape this vicious circle of taking out expensive payday loans and racking up credit card debt to make it to your next paycheck, Free From Broke has great Twitter updates that you can consult whenever you’re in doubt.

7. Money Saving Expert

And because you can never save enough, it pays to follow several sources that can help you pinch those pennies. Money Saving Expert (@MoneySavingExp) goes into great detail about several specific categories where you can save significant amounts, including loans, credit cards, insurance, mortgages, and even phone bills and utilities. Every area is an opportunity for you to save some money and use it for better things.

As you can see, social media can have enormous potential for the personal finance niche, because it’s so easy to impart wisdom and advice to the masses. We live in a world where all you have to do in order to receive meaningful advice about managing your finances is to hop on Twitter. These 7 experts can show you how you can save effectively, spend your money efficiently, live on a budget, how to go about getting a mortgage or savings account, and everything in between. There is no limit on the amount of things you can learn, so make sure to follow these accounts.

Charlotte Ross

Charlotte Ross

Charlotte Ross is one of the leading contributors of content and all things finance at Fablious. Whether she’s writing articles, answering queries or providing her expertise for others to benefit from, Charlotte is always putting her knowledge and experience to good use. You can find her on Twitter @Charlotte_K_R

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