Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk

£300 Loans: Bad Credit Considered

Apply for up to £5,000 over a period of 1 to 60 months.

Representative Example: If you borrow £500 over 6 months at a rate of 25.5% per annum (variable) with a representative 46.19% APR you will make 6 monthly payments of £92.96, repaying £557.76 in total.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to www.moneyhelper.org.uk/en.

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Understanding £300 Loans: Bad Credit Considered

What is a £300 loan?

A £300 loan is a short term loan which is obtained and repaid by regular monthly instalments, either in full or topped for a period of a couple of months. As these loans are for smaller quantities and paid back quickly, they are typically unsecured.

Where can I get a £300 loan?

At Flexy Finance you could get an immediate loan decision for a £300 loan online today.

How much can I borrow if I have bad credit?

You can apply to borrow between £100 and £5,000 with our simple online form. Apply today!

What are the repayment options for a £300 loan?

We work with lenders who can offer loans up to £5,000 and allow repayments to be made from one to 60 months.

Am I eligible for a £300 loan?

  • You can apply for a loan if you fulfill these conditions:
  • You are 18 years of age or older.
  • You are a UK resident.
  • You have a regular monthly income.
  • You have an active UK bank account.

What is the interest rate for a £300 loan?

The current representative APR for the lenders we work with is 1013.30%.

Do I need a guarantor?

No, at Flexy Finance we offer loans without a guarantor.

How long will it take for the money to arrive when I’m applying for a £300 loan?

The money could be with you on the same day.

How can I apply for a £300 loan?

Use our quick online application form. It should take only 5 minutes to complete.

What happens if I find myself unable to make repayments for the loan?

  • It is essential to keep in mind not to obtain more than you can pay for, so constantly borrow properly. These loans should not be utilised for enduring monetary debt or other problems. Remember, if you are having problem with debt please click on the links below:
  • Money Advice Service

What are the advantages of loans for bad credit?

£300 loans are unsecured. A benefit of unsecured finance is that your personal property won’t be at risk should you default on repayments.
Applying for £300 loans is quick and simple. You can apply for a £300 loan online using your phone, tablet or computer.
Tailored repayments. When you take out a loan, you can choose how long you need to repay the loan via our website. You can choose between 1 – 60 months, which is repaid in monthly instalments. The amount you repay each month is always pre-agreed upfront with the lender before any cash is exchanged, so there are no costly surprises.

What are the drawbacks of £300 loans?

Applicants with poor credit present the lender with a higher-risk investment. As a result, loan amounts may be smaller for applicants with poor credit.
A potentially higher interest rate. A personal £300 loan is a high-risk investment for a direct lender. In order to protect their interests, lenders can charge higher interest rates.

Will applying for a loan affect my credit score?

You can check your credit report with a soft credit search without affecting your credit score. Soft-credit searches are used to evaluate whether you’re a good candidate for a loan by getting a quick and general overview of your credit history. It can help identify whether a person is likely to be rejected with the help of the soft-credit check.
A soft-credit search will be conducted by Flexy Finance following the application.

How can I check my credit score?

In order to check your credit score you could use a service like Experian.

Can I apply for a £300 loan if I’m struggling with debt?

You will often be charged a late fee or have your interest rate increased if you default on your repayments. Be sure to find out how much you will be charged before you sign the loan agreement since it entirely depends on which lender is matched with you. In order to avoid extra fees, it goes without saying that you must always make your repayments on time if you wish to avoid any additional charges.

What is APR?

APR means ‘annual percentage rate’.  It’s the cost of borrowing money over a year, including the interest and fees. A representative interest rate means that 51% of those applying will receive the same rate advertised or a lower rate.

For example, the representative rate Flexy Finance offers is 1013.30%. That means 51% of customers will receive that rate or a lower one. It is not guaranteed that customers will receive the same representative APR in their loan agreement.

It is possible for a personal rate to be higher, lower, or the same as the representative APR. The amount you can borrow is usually determined by your credit score, how much you want to borrow, and your finances.

What can I use a same day loan for?

These type of loans can cover things such as:

  • Rent and mortgage payment
  • Vehicle maintenance and repairs
  • House and home appliance repairs
  • Private medical bills
  • Utilities and maintenance bills

I don’t live in the UK. Can I still apply for a loan with Multi Month Loans?

Unfortunately, we only serve UK customers.

Why choose Flexy Finance for loans for bad credit?

  • At Flexy Finance we offer:
  • Apply for between £100 to £5,000
  • All credit histories considered
  • No hidden fees
  • No paperwork, just one simple online form
  • Instant cash loans, 24/7, same day*
  • Private & safe, 256-bit data encryption
  • We offer 100% free no-obligation quote

How to Find £300 Loans: Bad Credit Considered in Three Steps

Time Needed : 5 minutes
Check these steps to find out how easy it is to apply for a loan at Flexy Finance!
  • 1. Submit An Online Application Form​ for £300 Loans: Bad Credit Considered

    Applying through Flexy Finance is always quick and easy. Simply complete our 1-2 page application form. You can apply on the go, or from the comfort of your own home. Better still, there are no calls or paperwork involved!

  • 2. We search a large panel of UK lenders

    We search a large panel of UK lenders in real time, so that we can deliver you an instant decision. Within seconds of applying you'll know if a lender has accepted you or not. Unlike banks, our lenders are able to issue loans to people from all different walks of life and accomodate a range of different credit scores. There's an option for everyone!

  • 3. Access The Cash

    The majority of lenders are able to deposit the cash direct to your account, within just 24 hours! We'll never charge you any fees and there is no paperwork to complete. There you have it, apply for up to £5,000 in the quickest and simplest way possible today

  • 1. Mobile, Laptop or Tablet.

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