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Breast Enlargement & Boob Job Finance

Apply for up to £5,000 over a period of 1 to 60 months.

Representative Example: If you borrow £500 over 6 months at a rate of 25.5% per annum (variable) with a representative 46.19% APR you will make 6 monthly payments of £92.96, repaying £557.76 in total.

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Understanding Breast Enlargement & Boob Job Finance


What is breast enlargement finance?

Breast enlargement finance is used to fund various breast augmentation procedures, including enlargements, uplifts and reductions. Breast augmentation loans are designed to help spread the cost of surgery into affordable instalments, over a longer term. Finance options are available to those with both good and bad credit history.

what is breast enlargement finance 

Can you get breast implants on finance?

Yes, you can get breast implants on finance by taking out an instalment loan. Using breast augmentation financing, you can apply to borrow a set amount of money and repay the balance over a longer term. This allows you to spread the cost of breast implants instead of paying lots of money upfront.

How much do breast implants cost in 2020?

According to the NHS, the cost of breast augmentation in the UK can range anywhere between £3,500 – £8,000. This is because cosmetic breast enlargement is very rarely undertaken by the NHS, so the procedure is carried out by private companies who may charge larger fees for their services.

This price is estimated for the initial surgery cost. In addition, you can expect to pay for consultation and any follow-up care you may need following silicon implant surgery. In some cases you can get a free consultation if you’re considering breast implants, so it is a good idea to compare what’s available on the market.

How does breast enlargement finance work?

Breast augmentation financing works by borrowing an agreed amount of money from a lender, then repaying the balance, plus any interest, as fixed monthly instalments. The loan is usually used to pay for the breast enhancement upfront, in order to spread the cost into affordable monthly repayments.

What credit score do you need to finance a breast augmentation?

There is no specific credit score needed to finance breast augmentation. Each lender has a different lending criteria, so there is not a set credit score needed. Some lenders offer loan applications to people with a poor credit history, whilst others only offer finance to those with a good credit history.

If you have a positive credit history, it is more likely that you will be accepted for finance on account that you’re seen as a trustworthy candidate. Those with bad credit, may find it harder to get an unsecured loan. However, they are still likely to be accepted for either a guarantor loan or a secured loan, where there are extra layers of security for the lender.

How can I get breast enlargement finance?

You can get breast enlargement financing by applying online, or over the phone. Lenders will give you an initial decision within minutes, with final approval subject to a credit check and an affordability check. Once approved, you can receive the finance for your breast enlargement surgery within 48 hours.

how do i apply for breast enlargement loans

How do I apply for breast enlargement loans?

You can apply for a breast enhancement loan by submitting an online form which will be sent to a panel of lenders who will then evaluate your application. If successful, they will then determine how much money to lend to you and how long you need to pay it back.

The stages below will show you how to apply for a breast enlargement loan:

Stage One: Submit an online application

Applying for breast augmentation surgery financing via Flexy Finance is simple and stress-free. No phone calls or paperwork are necessary, simply complete and submit our online application form.

Stage Two: Receive an instant decision

Once you have submitted your application, we will assess your application to search our extensive panel of UK loan providers for a finance provider that best suits your criteria. Within minutes, we’ll return to you with a decision.

Stage Three: Receive your money

Once your loan application has been accepted and you’ve agreed to the terms that the lender has offered, money can be transferred into your account within as little as 24 hours! You’ll then be free to use the loan on the breast enlargement surgery you deserve.

Why choose us for your breast augmentation financing?

Breast enlargement finance is something you will have to consider prior to receiving the surgery. Financing the cost of breast implants has never been easier, seeing as there are so many finance options available.

Here at Flexy Finance, we believe that a patients ability to receive cosmetic surgery should not be restricted or prescribed. The same goes for breast enlargement and augmentation. This is why we offer loan applications of up to £5,000, so that we may be able to help towards the realisation of your financial ambitions. To make sure that this process is as smooth and stress-free as possible, we take pride in offering the following things:

Why choose Flexy Finance?

  • Flexible and fixed monthly repayment periods of 1-60 months.
  • No hidden fees.
  • A 5* customer service team dedicated to assisting your needs.
  • Secure and easy application process.
  • FCA-approved.
  • You will receive a decision on your loan within seconds.
  • Competitive rates on your loan.
  • We work with a panel of top UK lenders.
  • We practise people before profit.

Am I Eligible for Breast Enlargement Finance?

To receive breast augmentation financing, you must fulfil the following conditions:

• You must be over the age of 18.

• You must be a UK citizen.

• You must be in employment, and earning at least £800 a month.

• You must have access to a UK bank account.

What are the benefits of breast enlargement finance?

Breast enlargement can cost anywhere between £3,500 – £8,000 for the surgery alone – which is a very big price tag. Therefore, the main benefit of a breast augmentation loan is to pay for the cost of breast enhancement surgery. Breast implant financing also includes other benefits.

  • Pay for Quality: Breast enlargement surgery is a life changing decision and is still essentially a medical procedure. Therefore, it is essential that you have a safe and successful operation. A breast augmentation loan can be used to fund a top quality surgeon to ensure that your treatment goes to plan.
  • Spread the cost: Paying for breast augmentation in a lump sum can leave you without a lot of money very quickly. By spreading the cost using a breast augmentation loan and repaying said loan via a monthly payment, it can make the cost much more manageable.
  • Fast-track: Saving for breast enlargement often takes years. If you are accepted for a personal loan, money can be in your account within 24 hours of you being approved. This can drastically speed up the process and allow you to get plastic surgery much faster.
  • Tailored to you: You can choose how much money you want and how long you need to repay your loan. This means the loan can be personally tailored to your needs and for what you desire, making it incredibly flexible.
benefits of breast enlargement financing 

Things to Consider When Looking For Breast Augmentation Financing

There are plenty of breast enlargement finance options available so it may be difficult to determine which one is best suited to you and your needs. However, there is a process that you should follow to ensure that you are getting a great deal on your breast augmentation financing. Here are a few things that you can do.

Carrying out a soft credit check on your report before making loan applications is fundamental. Whilst the idea of a credit check can seem daunting, this type of search does not leave a ‘footprint’ on your report, the same way that a hard credit search would. Instead, it will be noted on your credit report without being visible to lenders.

The purpose of doing this is to have a clearer idea on what finance options you will be eligible for, depending on your credit score. You can also use the eligibility calculator from Money Saving Expert which will show you how likely you are to receive a loan without affecting your creditworthiness.

Boost Your Credit Score

If you found that you have a poor credit score then it is worth taking steps to improve it. Whilst there may be lenders that offer breast enlargement finance bad credit deals, it will definitely be harder to receive than if you had a good credit score. You should ensure that you are doing the following things:

  1. Paying bills on time.
  2. Avoiding several credit applications at one time.
  3. Register on the electoral roll.
  4. Paying off any existing debt.
  5. Occasionally checking for any errors on your credit report.
  6. Setting up direct debit payment wherever possible to avoid missing payments.

Because there are so many different finance options out there, it is important that you compare them to find the best deal. You can use comparison sites such as Compare The Market and Money Supermarket and compare the terms of each loan to find the one that matches your needs the best. However, when you do, be sure to look out for the following things:

Not all websites show up on comparison sites, so it is also worth going direct and checking the terms on their site too.

Check the APR

APR stands for ‘annual percentage rate’ and is an indication of the interest rate over a yearly period. It is important to consider this as it will indicate how much it will cost to take out the loan. Therefore, the lower the interest rate, the better!

Check for flexibility

When choosing a lender, you should always make sure that they offer flexibility in repayment, especially if you are looking for a more affordable borrowing option.

The longer the repayment period, the less you will be paying per month. We offer repayment periods from 1-60 months to ensure that we are giving you the flexibility and affordability you deserve.

Look out for early repayment charges

Once you start repaying your loan, you may decide that you want to pay it back earlier than you previously agreed on the contract.

However, to do this, you may be faced with an early repayment charge which usually equals to the equivalent of 2 months interest. So, if you can, it may be a good idea to go for a lender that does not promote these charges.

Make sure that they are FCA-approved

When taking out a loan, the last thing you want to happen is to be scammed online. This is why it’s so important to check that the lender you use is FCA-approved, and that they are noted as ‘active’ on the FCA register.

How to finance breast enlargement surgery with bad credit

Receiving breast enlargement finance bad credit options can be difficult but taking out affordable monthly instalment loans can make the breast enlargement cost more affordable. If you have poor credit, applying with a credit broker is the ideal option. There are also a handful of other things you can do to make sure you receive your breast enlargement surgery. Check them out below.

breast enlargement finance with bad credit


1. Choose Your Lender Carefully

The majority of lenders use one’s credit score as the prime factor when considering whether or not to accept one’s loan application. So, if you’re applying for breast enlargement finance bad credit then it is probably better to go with a broker rather than a direct lender.

This is for the purpose of having an increased chance of being accepted for breast augmentation financing. We work with a large panel of the top UK lenders and so, we are more likely to be able to cover your breast enlargement cost than a direct lender.

2. Avoid Making Several Applications At The Same Time

When struggling with bad credit, it can be tempting to make many credit applications with various different online lenders to increase your chance of acceptance. We advise against this.

When you make a credit application online, you are opening yourself up to a hard credit check which will be noted on your report and become visible to other lenders. Therefore, when a lender assesses your application, they will be able to see how many applications you have submitted. If several applications are noted on your report, it may come across that you are desperate to receive a loan. The lender is likely to see it as a red flag and refuse to offer you a loan.

3. Consider Secured Loans

If you own a home then you can still receive secured loans. This is when you borrow money by putting your home as collateral. So, if you fail to make the necessary repayments on your loan, you are at risk of your home being repossessed. Therefore, I would only recommend this option for those who are sure that they can keep up with the loan repayments.

4. Improve Your Credit

When applying for breast enlargement finance bad credit, the one thing holding you back is your credit rating. The only way to combat this is to make the conscious decision to boost your credit score.

As a starting point, you should make sure that you are registered on the electoral roll, regularly checking for mistakes on your credit report, paying your bills on time, and paying off any existing debt.

Can I get breast implants with bad credit?

Yes, you can get breast implants with a bad credit score. There are lenders who offer breast enlargement finance for people with bad credit. Your credit history will be taken into account and likely offer a secured loan or guarantor loan, which are designed for people with bad credit.

What should I do if I am struggling with debt?

It is important to remember to not to borrow more than you can afford, so always borrow responsibly. These loans should not be used for long-standing financial debt or other issues. Remember, if you are struggling with debt please click on the links below:


Frequently Asked Questions

Average breast enlargement costs vary from £3,500-£7,000 in the UK. You should also take into account any extra costs for private consultations and follow-up care

If you take out a breast enlargement loan with one of our panel of lenders, you can apply for £5,000. Borrowing amounts are dependent on the terms and conditions of the lender, so you may not get the full amount that you originally ask for.

If you take out a personal loan you will be able to repay the loan between 1 – 60 months. The loan will be repaid in monthly instalments, it also includes having to pay fixed APR.

To submit an application on our website, you will need the following information at hand:

– Details of your income, along with any amounts you must pay in relation to rent or a mortgage.

– A home landline number.

– Details of your residence over the last three years.

– The name and address of your employer.

If you fulfil the following requirements, then you have a chance of being accepted for a loan:

– You are a UK resident.

– You are employed.

– You own a UK bank account.

– You are 18 or over.

Once you have completed the initial application form, you will assessed on your credit, as well as other factors, depending on the lender and receive an instant decision on your loan. These things will determine if you are accepted or not.

No. We do not charge any fees for our service.

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure which can be used to enlarge or reduce the size of your breasts. Breast augmentation surgery is often referred to as ‘breast enlargement surgery’ or as a ‘boob job’. Although breast augmentation can be for medical purposes, it is often used cosmetically.

Yes, breast enlargement financing and breast augmentation financing is regulated. We are an authorised and regulated credit broker and are entered on the Financial Conduct Authority register. Flexy Finance only works with reputable lenders that are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Applicants who receive state benefits may need special assistance in finding lenders and loan terms designed to suit their needs. At Flexy Finance, we specialise in helping customers find the best deals on short-term credit options.

How to Find Breast Enlargement & Boob Job Finance in Three Steps

Time Needed : 5 minutes
Check these steps to find out how easy it is to apply for a loan at Flexy Finance!
  • 1. Submit An Online Application Form​ for Breast Enlargement & Boob Job Finance

    Applying through Flexy Finance is always quick and easy. Simply complete our 1-2 page application form. You can apply on the go, or from the comfort of your own home. Better still, there are no calls or paperwork involved!

  • 2. We search a large panel of UK lenders

    We search a large panel of UK lenders in real time, so that we can deliver you an instant decision. Within seconds of applying you'll know if a lender has accepted you or not. Unlike banks, our lenders are able to issue loans to people from all different walks of life and accomodate a range of different credit scores. There's an option for everyone!

  • 3. Access The Cash

    The majority of lenders are able to deposit the cash direct to your account, within just 24 hours! We'll never charge you any fees and there is no paperwork to complete. There you have it, apply for up to £5,000 in the quickest and simplest way possible today

  • 1. Mobile, Laptop or Tablet.

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