Busting the
'No Credit Check Loans' Myth
With Flexy Finance 

There is no such thing as a no credit check loan.

By law, a credit check must be performed on all applicants when they apply for finance.


Are no credit check loans real?

Risks include 

- Unregulated
- Unreliable
- Charge high                    interest-rates
- Could lead to                  affordability issues

What are the risks of a 'no credit check loan'

In the UK credit checks must be performed by law.

It is to ensure that lenders and credit brokers adhere to the
rules of responsible lending.

Why do lenders perform credit checks?

Bad Credit Loans

Payday Loans

No Guarantor Loans

What are the alternatives to a no credit check loan?

Can i get a loan if i have a bad credit score?

Yes, you can get a loan with a bad credit score. 

As a broker, we work with lenders that can offer loans to people with bad credit.

Read more about the dangers and risks of 'no credit check loans' at Flexy Finance.

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